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These Previews are taken form Diamond's PREVIEWS Magazine and Rumor sources include WIZARD, CSN, and MANIA.COM.

Slingers # 10: "Raising Hell" part 1
It begins here--the three-part saga that exposes all the secrets, rewrites what you thought you knew, and takes our young heroes to hell and back... literally! How did the Black Marvel acquire the means to recruit the kids who would be Ricochet, Hornet, Prodigy and Dusk? How did such a long forgotten man think he could recapture the glory of his ‘Golden Age’? And what’s the price they all must now pay for the bargain he struck?! Believe us, after this story, nothing’s ever going to be the same for our teen team!
Whoa! Secrets revealed, but you'd think Marvel would have trouble getting this one through the Comics Code. I hope this saga doesn't mean the end of the series!!!
Slingers No. 9
Joseph Harris/Chriscross/Rob Stull
Johnny Gallo was a mutant way before he became Ricochet. And we all know mutants are ripe targets for the deranged Nanny and her deadly Orphan Maker! And when they set their sites on adding Johnny to their fold, everyone he holds dear are drawn into the line of fire!

Slingers No. 8
Joseph Harris/Chriscross/Rob Stull
Will Hornet be mutated into a sewer freak by The Griz?! It certainly looks that way - unless Ricochet and Dusk can ignore the stench and save their bud! Plus: Prodigy persues the secret source of his powers!

Slingers No. 7
Joseph Harris/Chriscross/Rob Stull
From the dank depths of the stinking sewers comes... the Griz! Exposed to dangerous chemicals during his employ with the Maggia, blue-collar transit worker Mac Garrity is transsformed into the ghastly vermin-controlling Griz! This underground dwelling monster blames others for his revolting condition - namely, Ricochet and company!

"The Griz?" Ooo, sounds scary(sarcasm). But where have I heard of Mac Garrity before? Anyone?

Following the explosive climax of their first mission, the Slingers find themselves knee-deep in the aftermath. With another of their members gravely injured, the kids ask themselves if they're really cut out to be super heroes. A rooftop reunion and a revealing game of "Truth or Dare" will decide if they can cut it! It's secrets shared and origins exposed!