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This is the part of the site where you find the SLINGERS overview, and individual issue summaries. The cover of each issue is linked to above the summary.

Our Story So Far...

Four college students were brought together by a mysterious benefactor, who gave them the costumes which Spider-man had worn after he was framed. How he got the costumes, why, and what his ultimate goal is is yet to be revealed. But, being coerced by her teammates, Cassie St. Commons, AKA Dusk, jumped from a 10th story roof, and died on impact. Since then, Ricochet and Hornet have been grieving while doing there heroic duties, and Prodigy has been extremely edgy. But Cass may not be as dead as they thought, as Dusk has returned...

Issue Guide

SLINGERS NO.8 JOSEPH HARRIS /CHRIS CROSS / ROB STULL Will Hornet be mutated into a sewer freak by The Griz?! It certainly looks that way - unless Ricochet and Dusk can ignore the stench and save their bud! Plus: Prodigy persues the secret source of his powers!


Title:"Revenge of the Griz"
The Plot: While Prodigy returns home, Eddie speaks with Susan from #1 and 3, and is soon kidnapped. Dusk senses the problem, and drops in on Johnny, who had been speaking to Kathy. The two find Eddie and the Griz, and Rico is "BLEENK"ed back by Dusk,injured. The issue ends in a hostage standoff, Eddie's fate unknown.
Fun fact: Did ya know that the rat population is greater than the human population in New York City?
Quote:Somethin' by Rico to Kathy...can't remember...
The Best Panel:Page 22: Dusk's angry stance, costume tendrils flying, is excellently illustrated. I'd say it's as good as that final page to #1.
The Creative Team: Joseph Harris, Greg Luzniak, Bob Almond
Major Characters: Eddie (Not as Hornet, really) , Ricochet, Dusk, The Griz (first full)
Current Price:$2
Released: 4/28/99


Title:"Truth, Consequences, Dares & Dysfunction"
The Plot: The team hangs around and has flashbacks to Dusk's origin. She then plays truth or dare with the guys, and Rico nearly dies on a dared jump from a roof(sound familiar?). The epilogue features a brief cameo appearance by the Griz!
Fun fact: Notice the billboard. It's the exact same as #1. The computer graphic of it must be used.
Quote:"Hmm..You don't look too sick and tired. But then..I'm the walking dead. So what do I know?" -Dusk
The Best Panel:Page 20, Panels 4-8: Hornet's betrayal with Dusk kissing Rico, even though Eddie thought she liked him instead.
The Creative Team: Joseph Harris, ChrisCross, Rob Stull
Major Characters: Hornet, Ricochet, Dusk, The Griz (cameo)
Current Price:$2
Released: 4/7/99-Delayed from 3/31


Title:"The Black Marvel Strikes!"
The Plot: prodigy watches the Grand Royale Hotel, while black Marvel infiltrates a black-tie party being held there. Prodigy is unaware of the reason for this, and doesn't care. Hornet and Ricochet attack Ritchie, who says he wanted them dead. A battle of the 3 heroes ensues, exposing Maggia gangsters all throughout the building. The reason they were there was never revealed, though. Meanwhile, Dusk returns to site of her death, where she says she didn't just fall from the roof. Perhaps she is alluding to a pusher...
Fun fact: The first panel on page four shows a short, long nosed little man by the name of Chester. Now, if this isn't a nod to Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, the Penguin, then I don't know what is!!!
Quote: "People die. Do you worry about them all? Sometimes... people come back."- Dusk, to Spider-man, page 8
The Best Panel:Page 12, Panel 1- Prodigy, with Ricochet held over his head, in a Bane-Batman style scene. Ricochet alludes that Prodigy is jealous of him, causing the Golden Clad Crusader to pause.
The Creative Team: Joseph Harris, Oscar Jimenez, Rob Stull
Major Characters: Hornet, Ricochet, Prodigy, Dusk, Maggia gangsters, Spider-man
Current Price:$2
Released: 2/10/99- Delayed from 1/27


Title:"With Friends Like These..."
The Plot: Hornet, beneath several tons of rock and wood, is rescued by Dsuk, who somehow gets him out of the debris and near Rico. She disappears before either of them can do anything. Meanwhile, Black Marvel chases two kids out of his warehouse. Leaving the area, Rico and Hornet are confronted by Spidey, who has tracked them. They escape, leaving the Web Slinger holding up a heavy sign post. Eddie does some research on the Black Marvel, and, when he returns to his Dorm room, he finds Dusk, who urges him not to be afraid of her.

Johnny's girlfriend gets in an argument with him after finding a copy of "The Black Marvel Strikes" in his bag, and Prodigy and the aforementioned Marvel have a little talk...
Fun fact: In "FLIX!", the video store of Johnny's employment, you can rent "BIB," "Lethal Steppin'", "I Know What You Did Dummy," and "I Still Know What You Did Dummy."
Quote:"It's called a 'Spider-Tracer.' Consider yourself traced."- Spider-man, to Ricochet page 10
The Best Panel: Page 17, Panel 4- Dusk returns, with a good role!
The Creative Team: Joseph Harris, ChrisCross, Rob Stull
Major Characters: Hornet, Ricochet, Prodigy, Dusk, Black Marvel, Spider-man
Current Price:$2


The Plot: Following a confrontation with Spider-man, Ricochet teams with Hornet to spy on an underground Maggia base, as per Prodigy's orders. They are not to be seen, just to gather information. When they find 2 operatives, Hornet goes out into the open, only to be attacked by a giant rat creature. Following the fight, a tunnel collapses, leaving Rico trapped, and Hornet underneath tons of debris. Rico calls for Prodigy, who angrily smashed his cell phone. The issue ends with Rico in tears, and Hornet's fate unknown.
Fun Fact: There are 2 covers available- 1 by ChrisCross and one by Mike Wieringo!
Quote: "Prodigy said to observe. I'm observing. I don't know how long "Toot-sweet" is, but it can't be much." -Ricochet, page 13
The Best Panel: Page 4, Panel 1- Ricochet's warning sense power manifests when Spidey comes after him.
The Creative Team: Joseph Harris, ChrisCross, Rob Stull
Major Characters: Hornet, Ricochet, Prodigy, Dusk, Spider-man, Mutant Rats, the Maggia
Current Price:$2

Slingers#1 Hornet, Ricochet,and Dusk Editions

Title:"So Whose Idea Was This Anyway?"
The Plot: The issue focuses more on the humans than the heroes, with small sections delving into each characters personal life. The Hornet edition features Eddie rescuing a suicidal man, Ricochet's shows the hero saving passengers of an out-of-control subway. The Dusk version shows Cassie awakening in the morgue, and trying to remember the world. I didn't bother getting the Prodigy edition, so if anyone can tell me what happened, please do so! There is one scene central to all versions, with all heroes uniting to stop the runaway train, mentioned in the Rico summary.
Fun Fact:Four editions, one per character, are available, each with the same start and ending, but different parts centered on each character.
Quote:"Dusk was weak--a liability and a danger to the rest of us. It would have happened, eventually. And I say better now than later- when there's a lot more a stake! Only the strong survive...remember that." - Prodigy, to Hornet and Ricochet, revealing just how cold he is. Page 19
The Best Panel: Page 39- The end splash of the team flying through the city, with the Marvel heroes billboard behind them.
The Creative Team: Joseph Harris, ChrisCross, Rob Stull
Major Characters: Hornet, Ricochet, Prodigy, Dusk, Suicidal guy on train tracks
Current Price:$3, Each Edition
Released: 10/28/98

Slingers#0 (Wizard Exclusive w/ #88)

Title:"The Learning Curve"
The Plot: As Prodigy wants the team to become braver, heroic figures, he urges them to jump from a tenth story roof to another adjacent building. Hornet and Ricochet make it, but Dusk is too scared. Hornet flies over and tells her she can do it, and she tells him she knows that he's doing this for his palsied hand. She agrees to make the leap, and the trio turns around. After a moment of silence, Ricochet turns and see Cassie's broken body, dead from the ten story drop. The team forces themselves to leave.
Fun Fact:Adam Pollina, former X-Force artist, pencils the Wizard special, and Jimmy Palmiotti (DAREDEVIL) inks it!
Quote:"Don't let him fool you. He's just a big "sensitive guy" under that grim exterior." -Ricochet, on Prodigy
The Best Panel: Page 8, Panel 1- Dusk, unmasked, befriends Hornet.
The Creative Team: Joseph Harris, Adam Pollina, Jimmy Palmiotti
Major Characters: Dusk, Hornet, Prodigy, Ricochet
Current Price:Unlisted
Released: 10/28/98